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*bursts into my account, breathing heavily*
Filling out a job application reminds me exactly why I dislike the way workplaces here work. Very little room for individualism because hey! They don't ask you about what things you're actually good at. They just need to see how functional you'll be, much like a chesspiece in the game. But if I want money I gotta play the game. I'm happy to perform my function if it contributes to my future. And it will. I'll make money to contribute to my education, where I'll continue to be with and meet new people who will be a part of my life for years to come. Still hate the application process though.
DA sent me a notification reminding me I can do commissions. Do you think it's trying to tell me something?
I decided before I got too deep into null_jordan what personality types best suited the characters of null_jordan.

Being based off of me, Jordan is naturally INFP--- like myself.

The most fitting bits from the personality profile
"While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine."

"Mediators will focus their attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause – spread too thinly, they’ll run out of energy, and even become dejected and overwhelmed by all the bad in the world that they can’t fix."

"If they are not careful, Mediators can lose themselves in their quest for good and neglect the day-to-day upkeep that life demands. Mediators often drift into deep thought, enjoying contemplating the hypothetical and the philosophical more than any other personality type. Left unchecked, Mediators may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “hermit mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world."

  • Seek and Value Harmony – People with the Mediator personality type have no interest in having power over others, and don’t much care for domineering attitudes at all. They prefer a more democratic approach, and work hard to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard.
  • Open-Minded and Flexible – A live-and-let-live attitude comes naturally to Mediators, and they dislike being constrained by rules. Mediators give the benefit of the doubt too, and so long as their principles and ideas are not being challenged, they’ll support others’ right to do what they think is right.
  • Very Creative – Mediators combine their visionary nature with their open-mindedness to allow them to see things from unconventional perspectives. Being able to connect many far-flung dots into a single theme, it’s no wonder that many Mediators are celebrated poets and authors.
  • Passionate and Energetic – When something captures Mediators’ imagination and speaks to their beliefs, they go all in, dedicating their time, energy, thoughts and emotions to the project. Their shyness keeps them from the podium, but they are the first to lend a helping hand where it’s needed.
  • Dedicated and Hard-Working – While others focusing on the challenges of the moment may give up when the going gets tough, Mediators (especially Assertive ones) have the benefit of their far-reaching vision to help them through. Knowing that what they are doing is meaningful gives people with this personality type a sense of purpose and even courage when it comes to accomplishing something they believe in.

  • Too Idealistic – Mediators often take their idealism too far, setting themselves up for disappointment as, again and again, evil things happen in the world. This is true on a personal level too, as Mediators may not just idealize their partners, but idolize them, forgetting that no one is perfect.
  • Too Altruistic – Mediators sometimes see themselves as selfish, but only because they want to give so much more than they are able to. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as they try to push themselves to commit to a chosen cause or person, forgetting to take care of the needs of others in their lives, and especially themselves. (And then blaming themselves because they can't take care of everyone at once...)
  • Impractical – When something captures Mediators’ imagination, they can neglect practical matters like day-to-day maintenance and simple pleasures. Sometimes people with the Mediator personality type will take this asceticism so far as to neglect eating and drinking as they pursue their passion or cause.
  • Dislike Dealing With Data – Mediators are often so focused on the big picture that they forget the forest is made of individual trees. Mediators are in tune with emotions and morality, and when the facts and data contradict their ideals, it can be a real challenge for them. (As Jordan is also an Aspie like me, this is null [ha] because Asperger's tends to give one a love for statistics and charts and junk... Me love stats.)
  • Take Things Personally – Mediators often take challenges and criticisms personally, rather than as inspiration to reassess their positions. Avoiding conflict as much as possible, Mediators will put a great deal of time and energy into trying to align their principles and the criticisms into a middle ground that satisfies everybody.
  • Difficult to Get to Know – Mediators are private, reserved and self-conscious. This makes them notoriously difficult to really get to know, and their need for these qualities contributes to the guilt they often feel for not giving more of themselves to those they care about.
My personal description of Jordan and his psychology in action within the series
Jordan is an opinionated but very shy young man with a good deal of altruism. He's worked to overcome, or at least deal with, numerous mental disorders and has never let those things get too much in the way of his life. He's good to his friends and is very grateful for the few he does have. When things became rough in null_jordan, he maintained a fair level of optimism sprinkled in with a good dose of feeling like he wasn't doing enough, and generally just wanting to protect everyone and feeling crushed that he couldn't.

Michael is an INTJ. I've known enough INTJs to know what they're like and, as Mike is in my head, he is this type.

The most fitting bits from the personality profile
"People with the Architect personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy."

"With a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life, Architects are often given the title of “bookworm” as children. While this may be intended as an insult by their peers, they more than likely identify with it and are even proud of it, greatly enjoying their broad and deep body of knowledge. Architects enjoy sharing what they know as well, confident in their mastery of their chosen subjects, but they prefer to design and execute a brilliant plan within their field rather than share opinions on “uninteresting” distractions like gossip."

"Architects are simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict. But this is because Architect personalities tend to believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible, while at the same time they believe that people are too lazy, short-sighted or self-serving to actually achieve those fantastic results. Yet that cynical view of reality is unlikely to stop an interested Architect from achieving a result they believe to be relevant."

"Architects will strive to remain rational no matter how attractive the end goal may be, and every idea, whether generated internally or soaked in from the outside world, must pass the ruthless and ever-present “Is this going to work?” filter. This mechanism is applied at all times, to all things and all people, and this is often where Architect personalities run into trouble."

  • Quick, Imaginative and Strategic Mind – Architects pride themselves on their minds, taking every opportunity to improve their knowledge, and this shows in the strength and flexibility of their strategic thinking. Insatiably curious and always up for an intellectual challenge, Architects can see things from many perspectives. Architects use their creativity and imagination not so much for artistry, but for planning contingencies and courses of action for all possible scenarios.
  • High Self-Confidence – Architects trust their rationalism above all else, so when they come to a conclusion, they have no reason to doubt their findings. This creates an honest, direct style of communication that isn’t held back by perceived social roles or expectations. When Architects are right, they’re right, and no amount of politicking or hand-holding is going to change that fact – whether it’s correcting a person, a process, or themselves, they’d have it no other way.
  • Independent and Decisive – This creativity, logic and confidence come together to form individuals who stand on their own and take responsibility for their own actions. Authority figures do not impress Architects, nor do social conventions or tradition, and no matter how popular something is, if they have a better idea, Architects will stand against anyone they have to in a bid to have it changed. Either an idea is the most rational or it’s wrong, and Architects will apply this to their arguments as well as their own behavior, staying calm and detached from these sometimes emotionally charged conflicts. Architects will only be swayed by those who follow suit.
  • Hard-working and determined – If something piques their interest, Architects can be astonishingly dedicated to their work, putting in long hours and intense effort to see an idea through. Architects are incredibly efficient, and if tasks meet the criteria of furthering a goal, they will find a way to consolidate and accomplish those tasks. However, this drive for efficiency can also lead to a sort of elaborate laziness, wherein Architects find ways to bypass seeming redundancies which don’t seem to require a great deal of thought – this can be risky, as sometimes double-checking one’s work is the standard for a reason.
  • Open-minded – All this rationalism leads to a very intellectually receptive personality type, as Architects stay open to new ideas, supported by logic, even if (and sometimes especially if) they prove Architects’ previous conceptions wrong. When presented with unfamiliar territory, such as alternate lifestyles, Architects tend to apply their receptiveness and independence, and aversion to rules and traditions, to these new ideas as well, resulting in fairly liberal social senses.
  • Jacks-of-all-Trades – Architects’ open-mindedness, determination, independence, confidence and strategic abilities create individuals who are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Excelling at analyzing anything life throws their way, Architects are able to reverse-engineer the underlying methodology of almost any system and apply the concepts that are exposed wherever needed. Architects tend to have their pick of professions, from IT system designers to political masterminds.

  • Arrogant – Architects are perfectly capable of carrying their confidence too far, falsely believing that they’ve resolved all the pertinent issues of a matter and closing themselves off to the opinions of those they believe to be intellectually inferior. Combined with their irreverence for social conventions, Architects can be brutally insensitive in making their opinions of others all too clear.
  • Judgmental – Architects tend to have complete confidence in their thought process, because rational arguments are almost by definition correct – at least in theory. In practice, emotional considerations and history are hugely influential, and a weak point for Architects is that they brand these factors and those who embrace them as illogical, dismissing them and considering their proponents to be stuck in some baser mode of thought, making it all but impossible to be heard.
  • Overly analytical – A recurring theme with Architects is their analytical prowess, but this strength can fall painfully short where logic doesn’t rule – such as with human relationships. When their critical minds and sometimes neurotic level of perfectionism (often the case with Turbulent Architects) are applied to other people, all but the steadiest of friends will likely need to make some distance, too often permanently.
  • Loathe highly structured environments – Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to Architects, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent. Anyone who prefers the status quo for its own sake, or who values stability and safety over self-determination, is likely to clash with Architect personality types. Whether it’s the law of the land or simple social convention, this aversion applies equally, often making life more difficult than it needs to be.
My personal description of Michael and his psychology in action within the series
Michael has been Jordan's best friend since middle school. He is a calm, rational, yet creative young man with little tolerance for stupidity. When the need arose for it, Mike willingly stepped up to the plate to help Null, and eventually Ray, find a way to provide some protection from the Refractor's influence, as he seemed to have some immunity to the virus early on. He was the strategist of the Resistance and second in command (hence Stitch's nickname "the Second"). Most of his personality operated behind the scenes, however, so most of this is my forethought talking.

Trevor was initially ENTP but since I worked so little with his character I don't actually know for sure. He's probably something completely different. Well, aside from extraversion. So... I have nothing on him right now.

Lemme think about it...

Rusty was probably the hardest character to come up with the personality type for. So tonight, after realizing I had been in his head long enough to know him from the inside out, I took the test for him and put my best guess as to what his type would be.

My guess: ESFJ-T
The test results: ESFJ-T

So I guess you can say I'm pretty happy I know him well enough to have figured this out!

The most fitting bits from the personality profile
"Consuls are altruists, and they take seriously their responsibility to help and to do the right thing."

"Being pretty conflict-averse, Consuls spend a lot of their energy establishing social order, and prefer plans and organized events to open-ended activities or spontaneous get-togethers. People with this personality type put a lot of effort into the activities they’ve arranged, and it’s easy for Consuls’ feelings to be hurt if their ideas are rejected, or if people just aren’t interested. Again, it’s important for Consuls to remember that everyone is coming from a different place, and that disinterest isn’t a comment about them or the activity they’ve organized – it’s just not their thing.

Coming to terms with their sensitivity is Consuls’ biggest challenge – people are going to disagree and they’re going to criticize, and while it hurts, it’s just a part of life. The best thing for Consuls to do is to do what they do best: be a role model, take care of what they have the power to take care of, and enjoy that so many people do appreciate the efforts they make."

  • Strong Practical Skills – Consuls are excellent managers of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance, enjoying making sure that those who are close to them are well cared for. (More behind-the-scenes in Rusty's case and may not be apparent on the surface, but he runs his life on a schedule...)
  • Strong Sense of Duty – People with the Consul personality type have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to meet their obligations, though this may sometimes be more from a sense of social expectations than intrinsic drive. (This one relates more to his unreleased backstory than anything.)
  • Very Loyal – Valuing stability and security very highly, Consuls are eager to preserve the status quo, which makes them extremely loyal and trustworthy partners and employees. Consuls are true pillars of any groups they belong to – whether it is their family or a community club, people with this personality type can always be relied upon.
  • Sensitive and Warm – Helping to ensure that stability, Consul personalities seek harmony and care deeply about other people’s feelings, being careful not to offend or hurt anybody. Consuls are strong team players, and win-win situations are the stuff smiles are made of.
  • Good at Connecting with Others – These qualities come together to make Consuls social, comfortable and well-liked. Consul personalities have a strong need to “belong”, and have no problem with small talk or following social cues in order to help them take an active role in their communities.
  • Worried about Their Social Status – These Strengths are related to a chief Weakness: Consuls’ preoccupation with social status and influence, which affects many decisions they make, potentially limiting their creativity and open-mindedness. (Not so much his social status as it is with other's perception of him. He likes to be known as being friendly and having things together and, even if that isn't the case, he likes to put himself out as being so.)
  • Inflexible – Consuls place a lot of importance on what is socially acceptable, and can be very cautious, even critical of anything unconventional or outside the mainstream. People with this personality type may also sometimes push their own beliefs too hard in an effort to establish them as mainstream.
  • Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise – Just as they can be critical of others’ “unusual” behavior, Consuls may also be unwilling to step out of their own comfort zones, usually for fear of being (or just appearing) different. (This is actually not the case for Rusty, as his background gave him a strong sense of duty to protect oddballs and be their friend, despite being not quite as odd himself, though protecting and hanging out with such people gave him a reputation. Hey, no-one said these personality types fit everyone to a tee.)
  • Vulnerable to Criticism – It can be especially challenging to change these tendencies because Consuls are so conflict-averse. Consul personalities can become very defensive and hurt if someone, especially a person close to them, criticizes their habits, beliefs or traditions. (We can all see how defensive Rusty gets when he's challenged.)
  • Often Too Needy – Consuls need to hear and see a great deal of appreciation. If their efforts go unnoticed, people with the Consul personality type may start fishing for compliments, in an attempt to get reassurance of how much they are valued.
  • Too Selfless – The other side of this is that Consuls sometimes try to establish their value with doting attention, something that can quickly overwhelm those who don’t need it, making it ultimately unwelcome. Furthermore, Consuls often neglect their own needs in the process.

My personal description of Rusty and his psychology in action within the series
Rusty is outgoing, talkative, and probably one of the friendliest people you could meet. He dislikes conflict among his friends but will not hesitate to say something if he thinks justice needs to be done. If he does something he regrets he is an immediate and profuse apologizer. While very open, warm, and organized outwardly, he is rather insecure on the inside--- but he wants you to see him as that outgoing friendly guy who has everything together. Organized on the outside, a total emotional mess on the inside. Eventually he admits he has really never been fine, but only after a sustained period of time where it was so obvious he wasn't OK that he gave up on trying to keep that mask on.

It's very easy to pin Ray as an ISTJ. He couldn't really be anything else...

The most fitting bits of the personality profile
"People with the Logistician personality type enjoy taking responsibility for their actions, and take pride in the work they do – when working towards a goal, Logisticians hold back none of their time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience."

"Logisticians don’t make many assumptions, preferring instead to analyze their surroundings, check their facts and arrive at practical courses of action. Logistician personalities are no-nonsense, and when they’ve made a decision, they will relay the facts necessary to achieve their goal, expecting others to grasp the situation immediately and take action."

"Logisticians have sharp, fact-based minds, and prefer autonomy and self-sufficiency to reliance on someone or something. Dependency on others is often seen by Logisticians as a weakness, and their passion for duty, dependability and impeccable personal integrity forbid falling into such a trap."

  • Honest and Direct – Integrity is the heart of the Logistician personality type. Emotional manipulation, mind games and reassuring lies all run counter to Logisticians’ preference for managing the reality of the situations they encounter with plain and simple honesty.
  • Strong-willed and Dutiful – Logisticians embody that integrity in their actions too, working hard and staying focused on their goals. Patient and determined, people with the Logistician personality type meet their obligations, period.
  • Very Responsible – Logisticians’ word is a promise, and a promise means everything. Logisticians would rather run themselves into the ground with extra days and lost sleep than fail to deliver the results they said they would. Loyalty is a strong sentiment for Logistician personalities, and they fulfill their duties to the people and organizations they’ve committed themselves to.
  • Calm and Practical – None of their promises would mean much if Logisticians lost their tempers and broke down at every sign of hardship – they keep their feet on the ground and make clear, rational decisions. Peoples’ preferences are a factor to consider in this process, and Logisticians work to make the best use of individual qualities, but these decisions are made with effectiveness in mind more so than empathy. The same applies to criticisms, for others and themselves.
  • Create and Enforce Order – The primary goal of any Logistician is to be effective in what they’ve chosen to do, and they believe that this is accomplished best when everyone involved knows exactly what is going on and why. Unclear guidelines and people who break established rules undermine this effort, and are rarely tolerated by Logisticians. Structure and rules foster dependability; chaos creates unforeseen setbacks and missed deadlines.
  • Jacks-of-all-trades – Much like Analyst personality types, Logisticians are proud repositories of knowledge, though the emphasis is more on facts and statistics than concepts and underlying principles. This allows Logisticians to apply themselves to a variety of situations, picking up and applying new data and grasping the details of challenging situations as a matter of course.
  • Stubborn – The facts are the facts, and Logisticians tend to resist any new idea that isn’t supported by them. This factual decision-making process also makes it difficult for people with the Logistician personality type to accept that they were wrong about something – but anyone can miss a detail, even them.
  • Insensitive – While not intentionally harsh, Logisticians often hurt more sensitive types’ feelings by the simple mantra that honesty is the best policy. Logistician personalities may take emotions into consideration, but really only so far as to determine the most effective way to say what needs to be said.
  • Always by the Book – Logisticians believe that things work best with clearly defined rules, but this makes them reluctant to bend those rules or try new things, even when the downside is minimal. Truly unstructured environments leave Logisticians all but paralyzed.
  • Judgmental – Opinions are opinions and facts are facts, and Logisticians are unlikely to respect people who disagree with those facts, or especially those who remain willfully ignorant of them.
  • Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves – All this can combine to make Logisticians believe they are the only ones who can see projects through reliably. As they load themselves with extra work and responsibilities, turning away good intentions and helpful ideas, Logisticians sooner or later hit a tipping point where they simply can’t deliver. Since they’ve heaped the responsibility on themselves, Logisticians then believe the responsibility for failure is theirs alone to bear.

My personal description of Ray and his psychology within the series
Ray is Jordan's brother and, in some ways, couldn't be more different from him. But when it comes to protecting his younger brother, he will stop at nothing to do so. While intensely skeptical of the things Jordan and his friends had been seeing at first, a scary encounter with the refractor himself changed his mind. He dug a little deeper by questioning Mike, and they began working together to try to put an end to the threat. He was one of the two characters to remain completely sane by the end of the series. However, neither his sanity nor his dedication to his brother could stop Jordan from running away, and that will likely be something he could never forgive himself for.

I'd do one of these for Marlee, but I didn't work with her enough to make an accurate assessment, much like in Trevor's case.

I hope this journal gave you a little more insight to the things I was thinking while writing for these characters. :D

You know, if you read this far...



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W. K. Cyrokin
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Proud Counter-cultural!

Call me Cy!

I am Colin Mallory's only big fan. I can say that with certainty based on the fanbase for Sliders I've seen...

I'm an author and I've chosen my official pseudonym to be W. K. Cyrokin, or just Cyrokin, and you can find me on FictionPress and FanFiction under that name. On my FanFiction I have stories written for Danny Phantom, Gilligan's Island, Doctor Who, and one for Sliders.

This account will be more writing-based than WolFkId27 is, and will focus on my original works and on my fandoms, Sliders and beyond. :D

Fandoms Featured Here
-DC Comics (Mostly Blue Beetle)
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-Marble Hornets (Internet ARG series)

Original Works Featured Here
-null_jordan: Non-canon artwork
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-Dragonfly (Novel)

And thanks to Forkbombs for the account space~ :D

I'm 19 years old and an aspiring author/artist. My plan is to self-publish my works someday, as I am not keen on selling out my creations to a company so that the company supposedly owns them. Uh-uh, those characters are mine and I'll use them how I wish. :T

I write sci-fi, fantasy, and my own genres called Industrial (a gritty subgenre of sci-fi, really) and Smash (which is basically just throwing stuff from many time periods together and making it work in a story).

Also, I have a fixation on FiXT, Celldweller's music label... Klayton is one of my role models. XD In some areas. In other areas I'd try not to be Klayton... But I admire his originality and individuality--- both traits which I try to incorporate into my own works.
Artists from FiXT worth checking out:
-Circle of Dust
-Blue Stahli

And, for any and all "Thank you for the fav!" comments... You're very welcome.


Favorite genre: Sci-fi, fantasy.
Favorite music genre: Metal
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite cartoon: Danny Phantom (much love for the ghost kid)
Favorite manga: MAR Heaven (If you've never read it, it's pretty good. I read it as a kid and some stuff probably floated over my head back then, but go check it out anyway!)
Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese because I'm such a child.
Favorite characters: The Doctor (Doctor Who), Danny (Danny Phantom), Tim (Marble Hornets), Gilligan (Gilligan's Island)...

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This-and-thats about me

-I have OCD, ADHD, and social autism (Asperger's). That is, I have weird tics, I can have a hard time paying attention without moving constantly, and I'm really bad at communicating with people in real life. I'm socially awkward and it doesn't matter how many times I tell myself they're not gonna hurt me, my actions won't listen. It's really irritating though, because it makes me look like I'm mean or cold, when I'm really a very nice person. I'm most like myself on the internet. :)

-I'm most easily inclined to get into TV shows as opposed to book series or movies. I've only ever gotten into 3 or 4 book series and 4 movies, whereas I've been into countless TV shows and cartoon series. Since I don't read manga all that often, I'm not really into manga or anime, but I do have my favorites from that genre too. XD

-I have a dark sense of humor. You know that kid in your science class who, during the dissections, is always making morbid jokes and playing around with the organs? That was me in Biology class. I was always next to or working with a squeamish person, so I always got a kick out of that. XD Needless to say, I'm good at black comedy.

-Insulting Klayton or any of his music projects is a personal insult to me. Heck, insulting any of the bands I listen to is stepping into dangerous territory...

-My interests change like the wind. If you watch me for one thing, there's a good chance that I'll be into something else the next day. If you choose to watch me, be prepared for that, and always be sure to support whatever I choose to draw. Sunshine Watchers are fun while I'm into something, but they're no good if they abandon as soon as I draw something that isn't within their current fandom. YeIIer is a home to many fandoms and pursuits, so be sure to give each proper respect. ;)

-I make a conscious effort to keep the topic of politics out of my DeviantArt affairs. Now, I can be friends with people who have different political views than I do. It's everyone else I worry about. XD At any rate, since politics is something I'm madly passionate about at times, I'm afraid that all I would do would be rant and annoy everyone if I allowed myself to bring up politics here. So please, by all means, do not bring up politics to me on DeviantART. Thank you~

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YES, you may use my art in tribute videos and things like that.
NO, you may not repost my art on this website. It's easily accessible through my account and does not need your help being found by you reposting my work in your own gallery.
HOWEVER, you may post my art on other sites like Tumblr if you feel you must. But be sure to credit me and do NOT claim it as your own work. (I would also like to see the post, haha~)

Check out my webseries, Null Jordan: null-jordan
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PLEASE NOTE that watching me does not mean I will watch you. I just prefer to have mostly feedback in my inbox as opposed to artwork. It's nothing personal but it does keep stuff from building up overtime.


"If your macaroni and cheese isn't frickin'... you're doing it wrong."

"I laugh and the world laughs with me. And by 'the world' I mean the canned laughter track in my head."

"All this stuff about people saying you shouldn't eat at McDonalds because it's unhealthy just kills me. Like, everyone who goes there knows their food is bad for you, they just don't care! Don't waste your valuable breath, Captain Obvious, it won't change anyone's mind!"

"That controversy about pink slime kinda cracks me up thinking about it now. It sounds like one of those mysterious additives my mom used to put in my food when I was a kid. Y'know. Brown stuff, green stuff, and the occasional black stuff!"

"I don’t understand why I should play hard to get if the guy likes me for the right reasons, and if I like him. All I want is to be closer, so why should I act the exact opposite and pretend I’m not interested in his advances? It seems counterproductive to me, especially as one who has a hard time making just friends. Romance would be especially hard for me to achieve, and playing hard to get for me just seems like kicking a treasure."

Cyrokin 2:10
"Taco Bell is the good thing that hurts."

"Can I block all political posts on Facebook? Please?"


"Am I the only one who enjoys the feeling of a big pile of LPS against my skin?"

"Nothing says romance like Comic Sans. ;)"



My glorious Cheetah Memes, made for Facebook comment threads. Useful for anywhere that uses images in comment threads, actually. Take em and use em. XD

Since it was removed from the wiki, here is a trivia fact about null_jordan: Its wiki page was the 44th created on the wiki.

This is an incredible time to be alive~

Want to hear a stupid song?

Here's another bad song!
Cyrokin, Cyrokin
Does whatever a Cyro can
She draws stuff, she is wise
She is weird, she likes fries
Look out... here comes the Cyrokin


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